Spout/Dispenser Tops for ONR Quarts?

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Because of the way I generally use ONR, I'm measuring out 1/4 ounce portions. I have a little 1 oz. plastic measuring cup, but it's sometimes tough pouring 1/4 oz. out of a quart bottle. It dawned on me that maybe the quart bottles should come from the factory with some sort of dispenser top like a shampoo bottle. I notice the little 8 oz. bottles come with a spout top, so someone at OPT already thought of this, just not on the quarts (trying to pour a small amount out of the gallon would be even worse, but I don't think there's a readily-available solution for that, other than a pump).


Who thinks the quart bottles should come with some sort of dispenser top?


In the meantime I scavenged an old wax bottle spout top that I'm going to try next time and see how it works. I was also looking at US Plastics, and they have spout tops, disc tops (the kind that comes on the small polish bottles, that you push the edge and they pop up, like the kind that are on many (hair) shampoos), and push/pull tops (like a sports water bottle). I may try an assortment of these if I can find something else to buy from there to make buying $1-2 of caps and paying $9 shipping worth it.


I'm also eyeing up a shampoo cap (disc style) from an almost-empty bottle. Not sure if any of these dispenser caps are going to work ok with a thin liquid like ONR since they are usually for thicker products. I guess another option (for the end-user) would be a pro-blend bottle proportioner, but at 1/4 ounce I'd be using it down at the bottom of the range.


This whole thought process led me to think about dispenser tops for a bunch of other wash products that I have, so ultimately thinking about this was a good exercise!

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At one point We purchased pump dispensers from Optimum. This was 3 or 4 years ago. It dispenses 1oz per pump. I know it's more then you need but thought I would share. These dispensers are for the gallon containers.


Call the factory and see what they have. They can send it on your next order if it's what your looking for.

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I'm going to order a variety of dispenser caps from one of the plastics places, since I'm ordering something else also. As I noted above, I realized I have a lot of various bottles that don't have dispenser caps that could, I'll see how they work and report back.


I most frequently do a two-bucket with ONR, where I have a clean bucket with 1/2 gallon, and a rinse bucket with a grit guard that I need 2 gals to get above the grit guard, so I use 1/4 oz. of ONR in each, so that's why I'm dispensing in such a small amount, but I seem to be in the minority. Just wondered if anyone else had pondered this.

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Guest antiquerick

From my notes I found this within the OPT Forum...

8oz size cap holds .25 oz or 7.5 ml

32oz size cap holds .5 oz or 15 ml

128oz size cap holds .5 oz or 15 ml

I tend to purchase by the gallon (but I also understand organized storage of 32oz bottles) so...

I buy empty 4oz bottles I find in the travel section in stores.

Use a funnel to refill. They have a nozzel style "twist lock cap" (nothing to drop or misplace).

Fine control to dispense this type of thin product and portion.

This size slip into my front pants pockets easily when working with my surface prep products, AIO's, tire gels, etc...

And I like everything to fit and travel in my 5gal bucket.

Not much room left after 4 or 5 spray bottles.

Of course you can buy an 8oz size ONR product (has a small center flip)

if your a stickler for product labeling on your bottles and refill as needed.

Various store products (dish soap, shampoo, etc...) in 16oz size bottle tops

can also seem to work on the 32oz threads (not always perfect), search shelves at the dollar store.

For me, the 32oz size would not balance for fine dispensing thin liquid product.

I guess you would be pouring rather than squeezing product (open palm).

Lately I have ONR in empty 14oz dish soap bottles, fits in hand well, dispenses fine (but runny). Fine to fill a 1oz measuring cup or 4oz bottles w/o a funnel.

Riseless Wash - Winter season so I'm using a generous amount of liquid,

2 gal each bucket, fill a prespray bottle, fill QD spray bottles for final wipe.

Traditional Car Wash - empty 20oz catsup bottle carries well a thick concentrated product as OCW.

Let us know how the tops work out for you on the 32oz.

I hope your "something else" order is zip lock storage bags, I do miss the discontinued 1.25gal size.

A fan and follower of you car detailing postings, thanks.


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