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I think I have a problem... I can't stop using this stuff. I recently applied OGC then waited 5 days to wash the car, 1 day after I applied OOS to the whole car, even the windows... Big shout out to Mr. Lacroix. 48 hrs later I found myself in the garage giving her an ONR bath and adding another layer of OOS, again to the whole car. Wheels were done also, but my wheels have OC 2.0 on them... Didn't know it worked so well on glass, used a huck towel to knock down the spots that didn't evaporate. Will post pics of the window beading and the paint... Drove on the highway at 50+ mph in heavy rain and didn't even turn on the wipers. This stuff rocks. Funny thing is I had OOS on my shelf and barely used it. I would use it as a drying aid, but now I see it was a waste of product... Looks much better and performs much better when applied to a dry car, I apply as if I were applying OC.

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