Bit of confusion Opti-Clean, Instant Detailer & Car Wax

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Just after something clearing up here.


Sometimes use Opti-Clean as a Spray & Wipe wash when the car is only a bit dirty/bird bombs type of thing.


Should I, or is it worth, then follow it up with Instant Detailer or Car Wax?


I'm just not sure which, if either, I should go with. In my mind they overlap a little as products, in the sense it seems as though the Car Wax would do a similar job to the Instant Detailer in this type of case. Or am I totally wrong?


Thanks in advance.

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I think Quick Detailers (like Optimum Instant Detailer) have become passé to a degree due to the emergence of waterless washes (like Opti-Clean). But you might use OID after a wash (ONR or conventional) to remove any water spots, and bump up the gloss and slickness. Or cleaning up some fingerprints or very light dust where Opti-Clean would be over kill.

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