Worth the effort!

Ron Harris

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This black Porsche just kicked Anthony's and my butts!

We spent 10 hours together on the exterior. The car and a recent trip to the BS and was all jacked up.


Wash with Optimum car wash

Compound with wool and High temp compound, M105 and Hyper. We were throwing every thing at it.

Polish with M105 and OP.

Finished with Dynabraid and the FPII

LSP is some product X and hand applied Victoria's red.


The customer was very happy and expressed his delight by calling Anthony last night as well as a couple of times today.

He is a great customer and only wanted his car to look it's best.



These Quarter shots are mild compared to the front end of the car. I didn't take pics of that but Anthony did.










Here you might be able to see a little of the oil from the vic's It's a little difficult to remove.




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The car looks fantastic, but what the hell took two people 10 hours? Was it super hard CC or what? Or did you do that kick ass job on the wheels like you did on the one you posted a couple weeks back, I could see a bit of time in that; they looked killer.


It's kind of funny you say that. I think the same thing some times.


I forgot to mention that Anthony polished the wheels with the rotary this took some time. Also the lights front ones all 4 were wet sanded and polished we broke for lunch 30 mini. Did a little touch up work and had to fight off a scorpion! It had Anthony running around like a little girl.

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