Looking for a shop to detail my car, Vancouver BC. Canada

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I have a 2008 Corvette Convertible. I made the mistake of putting an outdoor cover

on it for the winter, and now it has swirl marks on the side edges. Of course it does

not help that it is black, and looks horrible in the sun.


I am looking for a shop to detail / polish my car in the Vancouver / Burnaby /

Langley area, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.



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Thanks, I Emailed them last year and no reply. It is Possible that this has changed, so I will try them again. I will

be in Vancouver in a couple of weeks and check out the shop. Also will report back to the Forum my results.


Looking for pictures / results from them before I spend a bunch of $$ and not be satisfied, like the last dealer who

charged a fortune, and the swirl marks were still there.

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As I said, here is a review of my car from autowerkesexclusive.com. Ken took the time to answer my Emails in a timely fashion. It is a small one man shop, so not sure what I was getting into. He had my car all day, about 1/2 hr. before it was finished, I got a heads up, great. 4 hrs. for the single stage correction, then the rest for the Opti Coat Pro. We both knew it is not a show car, but do your best. End of day, it still shined like I brought it in, missing ? was the swirl marks. Being black, I can still find a few of them in the sun, being black, it is a full time job keeping it clean,


Now the convertible top needs to be cleaned to match the rest of the car. He told me to wait a week before using soap on the car, and other details to help keep the car looking new.


What impressed me about the shop, Ken is middle aged, and has been detailing cars for a while, easy to get along with. I can be a cleaning snob, but I am lazy. He had the boards on the floor so no damage running the car up on the hoist. A Master Blaster (4 + 4) for drying the car, (yes, I have one), and the basic shelves in the office, with high end detailing products.


Would I take my car. or another vehicle to him, Yes.

Would I recommend him to other people, Yes.


Opti Coat Canada should be proud that Ken takes such care of his customers, I was told, any questions ? or issues ? he will address them.

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Here are a few pics of Keith's Corvette. The first pass was done with Rupes 21 / Megs MF cutting disc and Megs M100. That was followed up with Rupes yellow foam and Opti Coat Primer. Protected with Opti Coat Pro and final wipedown with Opti Seal. Although it didn't leave a perfect finish, Keith wanted good correction but was more concerned with the quality of protection afforded by Opti Coat.


Upon delivery



50/50 after first pass with M100. It left the paint around 90% correct.



Old wax build up removed with Pre Wow.



Loving my Bendpak hoist for polishing lower regions on cars like this. :)



Some afters.








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