Opti Spray wax application


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Can I apply Opti-Spray wax via foam app pad and rub into surface until gone, I presume I could use a microfiber app to apply it instead of microfiber towel.


thanx Rik


Yes. You can also apply it via orbital polisher with a finishing pad and work until all gone.



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For me OCW looks the best when I apply it with a machine.



I haven't tried that but bet it looks amazing. You are probably more adept with your machine than I am (a noob). For me, I think if I used my PC I'd end up taking longer than I want. I love how quickly I can apply the OCW manually and hate to give that up. Even knowing there is a way to get better results, I am darn impressed with how good the OCW looks by hand. I just bought the new version and am loving the look.

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