Opticoat applied 2 years ago, help/advice on care?


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i had opticoat put on my 2013 Tacoma in 2015 if I remember correctly. If it wasn't 2015, it was definitely 2014.

The detailed that did it did do a great job on my truck, but he's gone out of business and there's no place in my area that works with this now. I also can't afford to bring it in yearly for the cost that at least that detailer gave me for the standard "cleaning". 

I live in the U.S, up in New Hampshire, so I wash my car using the 2 bucket no rinse method as much as I can, in the winter I end up either going to the car wash and sometimes use a self service bay if I can and do it that way, with the 2 buckets, or I go through the wash if it's snowing, etc. 

how do I know when I need to get the opticoat redone or what should I do at this point to protect my truck? It usually looks pretty good if I use the no rinse wash,  but should I be using the no rinse wash/wax instead? What's the suggestion on which to use and how often? 

Should I look into putting a wax over this that I can do myself? I can't afford to get the opticoat reapplied right now. I had asked the detailer what happens if my truck gets damaged and I have to get something fixed and they said I'd have to get the whole truck down again, but then I read that's not true, can someone advise?

thanks! This is a great product!  

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To test for Opti-Coat Pro, make sure your truck is clean (preferably decontaminated) and if water beads you're still protected.  No Rinse and No Rinse Wash & Wax have similar cleaning capability, so the only difference is the carnauba wax for extra protection.  Either product can be safely used weekly.  The option to wax or seal is your choice, but neither will be durable on OCP.  It is not necessary to re-coat the entire vehicle if damaged.

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