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We are pleased to announce the following new items are available for
purchase online!

• New & Improved Compound II is designed to remove 1,500 grit sanding
marks leaving very minor marring. The new Compound II has a long working
time and zero dust and can be used at any temperature or humidity
without any issues.

• The Next Generation of Zentool ZEN-21E2 Dual Action Polisher! While
Zentool 21E represents one of the latest advancements in machine
polishing technology, the New 21E2 motor, gear, and other internal parts
have been improved to make it smoother and quieter while making the
maintenance easier. The exterior also has been improved to not only make
a great looking polisher, but also improve the performance and handling.
The brushes can be accessed and removed from the outside and there is no
need to remove the covers.

• Optimum Hyper Wool Rotary Pad: Optimum's Hyper Wool Rotary Pad is
designed for maximum cutting and user comfort. With its integrated foam
interface, the Hyper Wool Rotary Pad allows the 1 1/4" thick 4 ply
tufted wool cutting surface to conform better to contours and run
cooler. The unique integrated interface of the Hyper Wool Rotary Pad
also makes for a better user experience with reduced vibration and
precision control. Available in both 6 and 8 inch diameters with a
centering hole the Hyper Wool Rotary Pad will quickly become your go to
rotary cutting pad.

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