F/S Optimum Gloss Coat - 2 Kits

The Guz

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I have two kits up for sale. Each kit includes one syringe containing Optimum Gloss Coat.

These are unused that I do not need or intend to use. They were purchased earlier in the year.  Dwindling my supplies.

I take payment via paypal. Asking to have paypal fees included. PM me if interested.

Buyer must purchase all products as I am not separating them.

Kit #1 - $90 shipped within the 48 states

Optimum Gloss Coat - 10cc (unused)
Optimum Paint Prep - Unused
Opti Seal - Unused
Optimum Hyper compound (4 oz) - Unused
Optimum Tire Shine (4 oz) - Used once
Optimum Instant Gloss Detailer Concentrate - 70-75% remaining


Dried up coating on the tip is from another syringe that I had in the package that leaked a little. 


Kit #2 - $135 shipped within the 48 states

Optimum Gloss Coat - 20cc (unused)
Optimum Paint Prep - Unused
Opti Seal - 90-95% (Used a few times). Sprayer is damaged as I dropped the bottle on the floor.
Opt-Bond Tire Shine - 98% (Used once)
Opti Clean Concentrate - 75-80% remaining



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