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I’ve been following the Forum for a couple of months and joined today.


I was impressed by the reports of Opt-Seal including its ease of application and I’ve now got three coats on my Titanium Silver BMW.


Certainly following the first application there was little obvious visual change but being new the car looked quite smart to start with and I bought OOS to protect and maintain the finish and not in any great expectation of a dramatic visual improvement. So no complaints whatsoever.


I’ve rarely seen any hazing when applying OOS which I’m putting down to the very light colour of the car.


I’ve only been able to apply it so far at rather lower temperatures than the recommended 55 F. It’s been closer to the upper 40’s.


Is this likely to account for the lack of ‘haze’ and is it likely to have had any negative impact.


I’m inclined to order some Optimum Car [spray] Wax with a view to periodic application over the summer followed perhaps by a couple more coats of OOS before the winter.


My doubt is whether I would be better off simply applying OOS regularly since it’s so quick and easy and very inexpensive per application and not bother with the OCW.


Is it reasonable to alternate application of the two products or will a subsequent application of OOS remove some of the OCW or reduce its effectiveness.


The car lives outside.


Thank you.

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I beleive it is fine to alternate layers of OS and OCW. OS is a pure sealent and will not remove the OCW as fare as I know. OCW is a fantastic product--you can do the entire car in 15 minutes and I notice a significant increase in shine, depth and slickness with OCW.

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OS seals the paint with a durable layer, OCW just adds to weekly maintenance. I would go with the OCW, you don't lose out and the added layers of UV protection is good, not to mention the other portions of the vehicle you can protect.

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