Question regarding sealant use with ONRWW

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I have a general question around the use of sealants with ONR. Specifically, curious about ONRWW and how it has generally been discussed that products like OOS can "migrate" through the OCW that is in ONRWW.

This is a fantastic mix of products and processes that fit for some of my vehicles, but in particular I have a vehicle that I just love the looks of when P&S Beadmaker is applied as the sealant. I generally wash with ONR or ONRWW and then use Beadmaker as a drying aid. I sometimes follow up with P&S Paint Gloss for the anti-static properties to help minimize dust attraction. I'm curious if products like Beadmaker can "migrate" through the OCW in ONRWW as well? Maybe it would be more appropriate to ask, should I have any concerns with the OCW in ONRWW if I plan to use Beadmaker as my topcoat? I'm trying to understand if there would be any products in the ONRWW that might prevent the cross-linking or adhesion of Beadmaker for a given vehicle.

If there are concerns with this method, maybe I should just stick with regular ONR. Thoughts?

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I don't think there is enough "OCW" in ONRWW to worry about it.  This whole "migration" thing is from many years ago, when the question was asked about whether the solvent carrier of Opti-Seal would remove wax (this is at a time when a lot of people would apply both wax and sealant, and the general rule was you couldn't apply sealant over a wax, but you could apply wax over a sealant).  The answer as to whether Opti-Seal would remove wax and/or if you could apply it over wax was more that it would dissolve the wax but then when the wet layer of Opti-Seal and wax dried, the wax would have floated to the surface and be on top of the Opti-Seal, or something like that.

You're probably over-thinking this stuff, well, it's too much thinking for me, it's making my head hurt, but my A/C is broken so that could have something to do with it.  Carry on.

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