Interesting thing I noticed for me with different wash media

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So as per my intro post, I just started to get into ONR full time.  It was always a pain to get my truck done in the past before the soap dried plus we have very hard water here. 

I purchased the UBS in the summer as well as the BGS from mckees and have tried both, they both work great but for me I really like the UBS.  I noticed I was having trouble getting around some areas such as where the rear bumper meets the fender and around the mirrors.  I decided to try the rag company cyclone wash mitt for these areas.  For the hell of it I tried it one one side of the truck and on the other I used the UBS.  Something quite amazing to me that I found.... the cyclone tended to just push around little bits of things like leaf litter and some very small pieces of grass which I had to put my finger on and remove from the paint.  The UBS just kind of sucked them in and released them into the bucket, but they weren't pushed into the cutouts, they kind of just stuck to the foam.  I found it odd as so many reviews (customer reviews and youtube) I've seen about the cyclone were very positive.  

So I started thinking, even though the cyclone is very soft and plush, I'm thinking the contact patch and type of foam that the UBS uses almost sweeps and draws the dirt into it.  Now thinking about that, do mitts kind or move the dirt around and not really remove the bigger pieces until the final rinse is done.   

We live deep in the woods so anytime the wind blows tons of pieces of dirt, leaves and bark end up on my truck.  The ONR pre rinse really helps the majority of this come off before I even touch my truck with anything.   

All in all, just something I found very interesting the last month.  

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