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Hi my car just got its bumper repainted cos some1 backed into it while parked, after picking up the car again i noticed the new color was a bit more "shiny" "metallic"  mostly when sitting in the sun than the rest of the car. Could that be because the newly painted bumper isn't coated yet? like the rest of the car is?.

Does opti-coat pro plus change the "color" / "shine" / "metallic" abit?.

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Your problem  is that this is a repaint they just use the color code on the inside of the door and paint the bumber. Your paint is faded over time so they don't  match .  A higher end bodyshop will match the paint. My 08 element  has a few repaints  done  they matched  the paint . 


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Thanks for the reply, i used my dealer which is BMW, id say they are 98% close if not even closer to matching the color its just the shine or just has more "glitter" / "metallic" i have no idea whats its called. Thats why i was wondering if coating changed the shine / depth abit.

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