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Just got my new order of optimum products today including  ceramic wax.  Last week I did a Decontaminating wash with power clean and mdr then onr wash  to get  the paint clean to the glosscoat  and then hyperseal as a drying aid. My  method  is a little squirt on the wet  panel  dry  the area then add more with a foam and microfiber pad in the dry area and buff with soft microfiber just to get a good   coat  on  (this also keeps up with me using to much product  and over kill lol).  It leaves a very mirror Like finish.   Then today I  did a onr wash  and used the same method  with the ultra wax ( more over kill protection on top of protection  great)  i did not get a sprayed for this for some reason I used one from the regular  wax worked perfect  its a little thicker than  the regular stuff and I had to buff it a little could not be from using to much  must  have been the cold lol. It was  about 8c and the sun was on  the car.  Ok now what does it look like.  Compared to the hyperseal mirror like finish   it gives a little more of a wet look . My Honda element is silver metalic.  I  really like the product I am  hoping it will  last longer than  the regular wax .  

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