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This is a neighbours new Accent GL, she is an older retired lady and I helped her pick it out at the dealer and gave them very specific instructions not to touch the car other than remove the plastic wrappers off the seats. The plastic was on the hood and trunk when we took delivery.


There was minor swirls and marring on the horizontal surfaces such as the hood, roof and trunk, but nothing too bad. A little polishing with Optimum Polish with finishing pad took care of it, but what a difference when the dealer didn't touch the paint or else it would have been another 5-7 hour polishing job to get rid of all the swirlies. Topped with 845IW and Meg's HotShine on the tires


As mentioned by many automotive journalists, Huyndai's paint quality is above average for a car in this price category and I concour. I also find it not has hard as other Japanese brands which is great for not chipping and blistering from rock chips.







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Hey very nice job and I would agree that this car line is above average in terms of quality, fit and finish. You get a lot of bang for your buck.


Nice detail work and thanks for sharing.




Yup, I never really considered Huyndai until I checked out their fit and finish and the value it offers, I would have to say they have out done Toyota and even Honda in terms of quality. Everytime I was waiting for the saleman to say its an option at extra cost, he says its included and the goodies list goes on and on like heated mirrors(very useful here in eastern Canada !), heated seats, power everything unheard of in a car in this price category and you start to get the picture. Their new Genesis is going to take on the big guys like Lexus and Infinity this year. I am seriously considering one of their cars for myself now !

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