How long does OptiSeal last


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I’m curious how long people are finding OptiSeal lasts.


I’ve put several coats on but have seen suggestions that 6 weeks might be as long as you should realistically expect it to last.


It’s great being so easy to apply but do you have to do so very regularly before it becomes ineffective because 6 weeks doesn’t seem that long for a sealant.


It obviously depends on your particular circumstances but nonetheless some idea of the experience of others would be appreciated.


On a daily driven car has anyone left it for say a couple of months without any top up of any kind or has no-one been able to resist the temptation to keep topping up in some way, with more OS or OCW for example.

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Guest Driven Auto Detail

6 weeks?


I believe Scottwax has gotten 6+ months from it. ONR washes (vs. traditional soaps) should extend the life of OS.

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6 weeks out of Opti-Seal?


The least time I ever had with OS in terms of durability was around the 3 month mark and this was on a daily driver, in the elements 12 hours a day and he ran it through a tunnel wash towards the end of the 3rd month.


Are you perhaps meaning PoliSeal instead of OptiSeal? I have had PS go flat on me on some cars around 2 months.



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