Interior and Exterior Trim Product Questions


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Hi all, this is new territory for me...would appreciate advice please....


Exterior trim such as the rubber strips on the roof , exterior bumper plastics, side mirror plastics, windscreen wipers and the plastic bit holding them.

How is the application and durability like ? I am after restoring the light grey to the original dark black colour and also leave behind uv protection ?


Interior Trim such as dashboards, steering wheel, interior door panel trim, door rubber seals(???) . what kind of finishing does it leave behind ? non greasy and matt finish I hope ? I've only ever used 1z cockpit premium. again whats the application procedure like ?



Thanks !

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For your interior pieces, if they are not already faded, the Optimum Protectant Plus would be ideal. Provides UV absorbers and leaves a non-greasy low-sheen appearance behind. Best described as "new sheen". You can't really tell anything is on it.


Now for your exterior materials if they need to be restored then I would suggest this kit here.



Trim Cleaner and Restore


That's a great product and has worked wonders for me in the past.



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