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Hey everyone:

I used to work as a heavy equipment mechanic and never considered the "Beauty" of detailing. After spending time on YouTube watching how simple paint correction can make a difference, I am hooked.


Today, I submitted an order for ONR, ONRWW, and a sample of spray wax (don't know the code). Last year I ordered Tire-Gel and that stuff is awesome compared to the baby oil stuff.


I'm interested in working for a detail company or starting a mobil service. If some of you guys can give me some tips on what you expect from an employee, it would be helpful. Due to a back injury, I'm not able to do heavy lifting anymore and need a different venue.


I think Optimum has an excellent product line, practical to use, and not too expensive.


My Vehicles:

97 Tahoe 4DR, Jet Black.. Polished it last year and needs more work inside & out.

91 Tercel.. Starting to color sand Urethane paint (White) [needs a lot of work]

87 Mercedes 300SDL... Paint is peeling, med compound makes it look like a different car LOL


Thats about it for an introduction.





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I was looking at the videos posted here and possibly some from AutoGeek. The spray hyper polish is interesting after using other cream type compounds.


I like to use products from one source and Optimum seems to have a complete line of products that work well together.

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