Ongoing noob Cyclo Adventure/misadventure


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I'm using my 07 F-150 as guinea pig for the Cyclo and OP the last few weeks. I've come up against a problem, and that is what looks like micro circular spiderweb marring caused by the Cyclo. I'll try and get pictures up later.


I've used the double precision foam pads-orange with a dime size amount of the OP, and then to the green pad and another dime size amount–this all on one half of the hood of the truck. Even went to the yellow pad on part of the hood. In general, this does seem to have removed some of the more serious pre-existing scratches and marring, but the Cyclo is leaving behind its own marring. I don't think that I'm going too dry on the pads, as I've used the pad conditioner spray pretty liberally.


I seem to have hit somewhat of a wall with this issue, and don't know how to approach the next step.


Any help always appreciated.


Update: I went another round with a pea size amount of OP and white pads on area shown in photo. This seems to have had little to no effect on area previously hit with orange and green pads.


I'd like to add that I've used very little downward pressure on Cyclo, letting the weight of the machine work for the most part.







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Orange pads can be rather aggressive and should not be used first unless the paint condition calls for it. The Cyclo white pads though can be too soft so what's a detailer to do?


Well you'll want to start off with the white pads first and your polish. If that doesn't work well then stay with the white pads but move up to something more aggressive in terms of polish. Meguiars 105 works great as does 3M's Extra Cut. Many people are mixing Optimum Polish with the 105 which they claim is more orbital friendly and cuts back on the dusting.


If this doesn't work well then you can go to the orange pads and work them the same way.


Optimum can work with an orbital but its best results come from using them with a rotary.



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