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Hey folks,


I just wanted to do another intro.


I'm always around, but don't post much. I'm a semi-pro detailer. By that I mean that I get paid to detail cars, but it's not my livelyhood.

As such, If you are an amatuer, and have question to which you feel unconfortable asking for answers, I'm always available via private message.

If I can't get you ready to go, I'll hook you up with Anthony or Ron. The point is that this is a board that exists to give help to everyone, regardless of product choice or equipment choice.

A quick bit of advice; Start with the least abrasive product, pad and machine, that you have available, and work up or down from there. Be like a Doctor, "Do no harm!".

Other than that, treat each other as you wish to be treated. I'm always watching, but not often posting.

To our old members, THANKS! for making it that way! We appreciate you and your classy input. It has always been such!


BTW, for those who don't know, my name is Elliott.


Thank you all for being here! I know that Anthony, Ron and I, VERY much appreciate your presence!


Semper Fi!


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