Confused about some products...


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Hi all,


Looking at Optimum's product offerings, i'm confused with which one to get...


Interior - Protectant Plus, Leather Protectant , i'm thinking of just getting protectant plus instead of the leather protectant as it sounds like it can be used on more surfaces. Can anyone confirm if the OPP can indeed be used on dashboard, door interior panel trims, and even on leather seats ? i've only used 1z cocpit premium and love the matt fresh look. will OPP perform the same way ? any special points to look out for when it comes to application and removal ? will there be any smearing or any of that sort or is it just fool proof spray on , wipe off method ?



Wheels - Opti bond and Tire shine spray . Are both for the same purpose of shiny tires ? but only in gel and spray form ? im thinking maybe opti bond , but I will be applying by the normal tire foam applicators... and seeing that it is gel like, maybe the bottle will last ages yeah ? again, any special application and removal process ?


thanks !

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There is only one Optimum protectant for interiors. OPP is the new leather protectant and yes it can be used on just about all interior surfaces such as leather, vinyl and also some plastic surfaces. It can also be used on exterior trim pieces.


Opti-Bond Tire Gel is designed for more high production use, such as car washes and such, as it's best applied through a compressor and paint gun. This results in less waste and great looks and it's also highly concentrated. It can be cut 3:1 with water.


Tire Shine is for more for the enthusiast or also the pro detailer looking for a wetter shine on tires and trim. It comes ready to use.


Both are water based items and can be removed with degreaser.



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Thanks for your input Anthony...


so OPP is good for my dashboard and steering wheel right ? description says its non greasy , so hopefully will be good for the steering wheel


as for the opti bond gel, i was under the impression that it is like a normal tire gel . i've only used the megs hi endurance purple gel.

is the opti bond something like that ? wipe on the thick gel and wipe off or just leave it on?

if i were to do it this way, do I still need to dilute it ?


what about the tire spray , just spray, wipe and walk away or do i need to buff off ?

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