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We bought a 2014 Durango limited, and during the course of looking up wax and sealants, I have stumbled on opti coat.


So I understand this is a brand sponsored forum, but does this stuff really last forever? I'm not a detailing type guy, and I don't like hand washing or waxing. So if I pay a detailer one time to apply this product, all I have to do from then on out is run the vehicle through the touch less car wash? And the paint will be protected?

Does opti coat add shine or gloss? Or is it just a protectant?


Is there any maintenance that periodically needs to be done?

According to the optimum website, I have two optimum recommended detailers within a reasonable distance to me. I assume these guys have been factory trained or whatever from optimum?


If I don't do opti coat, I will probably use a sealant that lasts the longest, which seems to be nu finish.



Thanks for any advice or help. All I've ever really used in the past on vehicles is wax. And waxing sucks. I usually do it for a couple years and then lose interest. But we generally tend to keep our vehicles 5+ years.

We do live in Wisconsin, lots of road salt and brine in winter.

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Sorry no one answered you quickly enough.


Yes, it really does last "forever", as much as paint or anything else lasts forever. If you use touchless washes, yes, that should be all you have to do. However "touching" the car can scratch/swirl/abrade the Opti-Coat, just as it will paint. Be aware that most paint swirls on vehicles are induced by (tunnel or careless hand) washing.


It doesn't add gloss or shine, it is the job of the certified installer (who has been vetted and approved by Optimum) to make sure the car is glossy and shiny before applying the coating.

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