Looks like SA Detail is at it again


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The guy is almost banned from Texasracingscene.com because he keeps posting pictures advertising his business. Well now the guy is talking crap about Andrew in a PM to me.




Here is a copy and paste of the PM that he sent me. Andrew, you really need to do something with this guy to shut him up.




You just got your ass handed to you... Keep on and you won't be here much longer.


The one that relized that his business failed is the one that got his ass handed to him. He should have focused on trying to stay in business instead of trying to put someone out of business!!

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:thumbsupup[1]: No one told me I was out of business?





Those guys over there are ruthless man. Be careful. texasracers.com is a much better relaxed site with more mature people just a heads up. I saw you sign up there.


You might want to check out our Zclub website at zsport.org


See ya laterz!

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