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I`ve just finished cleaning my black Jaguar, a quick ONR and although it wasn`t necessary, a quick OCW.

It never fails to amaze me how the fantastic results are achieved so easy.

The car looks far better than than it did new, no wonder people stare :thumbsupup[1]:




It could be my two heads of course !

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let me use this thread to also add my praise (as if I haven't in the past) 2 weeks ago, I did an ONR wash, poli-seal, OCW on my black GTI. Then yesterday, another quick ONR/OCW job. The reflection is just awesome and I haven't done any opti-seal in a while. I think it would even look better. wish I had taken a pick because as the sun went down it was just glowing. and this metaalic VW paint is not the best looking black. it's actually rather unflattering for the most part. Now I'm getting low on OCW : (

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