Impressions after one month

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I've been using the following Optimum products for close to a month now.

ONR, OS, PS, and OID. I've been using them on my daily driver, a Ranger, a 64 Vette, and two pro drag cars both Camaros, 68 and 75.


I've found ONR to be my favorite car care product. I love it's ease of use and it's versatility. No one in their right mind would take a water hose to a 64 Vette. The design of the doors allows water to seep in at the top. The race cars aren't the easiest things to start up and pull around to the hose. ONR lets me wash all the cars quickly without the hassles of the hose. :confused1[1]:


I like OID because it plays nicley with other products. I've had a problem with it streaking on the vette but I think it's the finnicky paint job on the car. You can just look at it wrong and it steaks.


I wasn't sure about the OS. I used it on the 68 Camaro (light blue with metal fleck). I didn't notice any results with it after the first application but after we off loaded the car at the track everyone noticed the pop in the fleck. I've been layering OS with Surf City Garages Barrier Reef Wax. The depth and crispness of the reflection are great.


I hope to have pics posted after a car show on Sunday.


Love the Optimum Products. Keep 'em coming

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The house next to me is for sale if you would like to be neighbors.

Looks like you know how to have fun!

Your Vette is fantastic!

Your 68 looks tough with that Pro Street scoop!

I would like to get after your 75 with a little 2000 grit paper and a buffer.

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