Dampen pad or not?


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The Optimum instructions recommend a dampened pad for hand application of Poli-Seal.

They don't make that same recommendation when using Poli-Seal by machine.

Excerpts from the Optimum Web-Site:

Directions for use:

Hand Application Apply to a small area with a dampened foam or cloth applicator.

Machine Application Apply with orbital or rotary polisher and appropriate pad for the job. Apply just enough product to create a lubricating barrier between the buffing pad and the surface. Work across the area until product disappears.

Since I use PS with a PC, I have never dampened the pad, but would there be a benefit in doing so?


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I like to dampen my pads slightly to slow absorption and help load the pads evenly. Its not necessary, but I prefer it that way. Try it both and see what you like. Instructions are just guidelines, those with experience will always tweak things. I like to mix OP with PS to get more cut among other concoctions and there are no instructions for stuff like that. BTW just a light spritz of water is all I use, I by no means WET the pad.




Thanks Chris.

I do keep a small spray bottle of water handy and give the pad a shot once in a while when using products that do recommend a damp pad.

It would certainly not be a problem to do the same thing with the Poli-Seal.


I pretty much try to follow instructions since I always figure the manufacturer knows more about how to use the product than I do. At least he better. :)


As far as mixing or combining products, I'm not much of a chemist either. My one mix I can recall right now is adding some Opti-Seal to my Poli-Seal when I felt the Poli-Seal was thickening up in the bottle.

It was done on the advice of a chemist that I felt was pretty familiar with both products.

Yeah, it was Dr. G.

Seemed to work, too. :spoton[1]:

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Good tips Gents. I usually don't wet first, but I ALSO do not use a rotary, so I have less risk of damage. With PS, there is very little, if ANY risk of damage, so I think this is an issue of the machine and the goal, at the time.

The OS and PS thing is a neat idea. I might try that.

A good bit of this is dependent on the machine, and the heating abilities of the machine, that you use.


Good question.

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