New Products just released: Metal Polish and Opt II


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Anthony or Ron, any comments on two new products to the market? Is Opt II a replacement for the original updated polish? Any idea how much it cuts, I hear it doesnt have as long work time + its a bit more dusty. As well, what is the capability for the metal polish?


Also, how is the new compound II compared to hyper compound?

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Sorry for missing the post. It's been kind of busy.


The new polish that has the new label Looks like the old polish but has a different smell to it.

It will cut a little faster and deeper but finish off better. Under Halogen lights it looks LSP ready but in the sun you will catch a few faint buffer trails. This is if you are trying to finish with the rotary. If you switch to the flex or a DA polisher they can be eliminated.

We have a beater 02 Jag in the shop and today I wet sanded the quarter then used some M105 and a wool pad for the cut. I switched to an LC CCS OEM pad and the new polish and polished all swirls out.

The working time is just as good as the old polish and you use the same amounts as before.


A finishing polish is gong to be relased in a couple of weeks that is another great product.


The metal polish works very well. It is a combo chemical and abrasive type polish and sealer. It feels like you Poli-Sealed the metal when your done.

Works on aluminum, chrome and stainless. One of the American Motorcycle Mfg's buys it and they sweare that it's the best thing on the market.

If you are working on HRE wheels check to see that there not coated as we have had problems in the past thing it was bare chrome.


The new compound is nothing like the Hyper. We are still playing with it and will update later.

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