Green-friendly ONR disposal


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Two questions:


1) Is ONR biodegradable?


2) What is the most green-friendly way we should dispose of the rinse left-over? I have a septic tank. I am not connected to the roanoke sewage system. Should I pour it into the sink and thus into the septic system? Should I just pour it into my yard? Something else? TIA.



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I'm pretty sure that ONR itself is biodegradable, but is the mixture of dirt, oil, tar, whatever, that ends up in the wash bucket after washing the vehicle still a biodegradable solution?


When it's warm, I dump my leftover mix in the bushes. Quite often, I just dump in on the driveway. What little is left in my bucket isn't enough to even reach the street on a sunny day. In the winter, I pour it down the drain. I am on a sanitary sewer system that I hope is capable of handling it. I don't really know that though.


As far as a septic system, I would have some reservations. They seem to have their own little quirks and adding something like ONR might affect the action of the system.

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i always dump mine in the grass


Same here. I have customers whose cars I wash weekly and just as an experiment, I've been dumping the ONR mixture into the same spot on the lawn for about 2 years now. Unless I told you where the spot was, you'd never know.

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