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Dr. G,


I'm adding "Headlight Restoration" to my services as a detailer and am looking for a coating for the lenses after they have been restored. By restored I mean the lenses are cleaned, wet-sanded if needed, polished, then coated for a durable protection.

Does Optimum have an ideal coating for the polycarbonate lenses after restoration? I'm thinking a perfect coating would be UV absorbent, contain an anti-oxidant, be somewhat abrasion resistant, and bond with the polycarbonate for durability.

I'm thinking perhaps Opti-Seal might be good choice, but I'm not sure.

Is there such a product in the Optimum line, or perhaps a combination of products you can suggest?

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Sounds like something that would benefit from the coating (Opti-Coat?) that Dr. G has been working on.




Mike is absolutely right about the new Optimum Coating being ideal for headlight protection. It will last indefinitely and will not be affected by heat or UV. We will be offering this product withing the next two months. Thanks.



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Old thread and I may have missed this somewhere else but I am wanting somewhat more of a longer lasting coating for my headlight repairs than what Opti-seal provides. Usually I use Opti-Seal and then wax unless the customer pays more for me to remove the headlights and use SPI automotive clear coat over it. Is this Opti-Coat product out yet?

I'd appreciate any information on this. If it's not then is there a way for me to be able to get a sample of it? I do see people like Yvan, I think Ron and a few others do get to try products out before they come to the market for others to buy and just wondering what I can do to try some of this out?



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