What kind of abrasives are Optimum using?


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I wonder what kind of abrasives you are using in the compounds and polishes? Is it silica, kaolin clay, aluminum oxide or something else?


Thank you for your question. We mainly use synthetic abrasives. Some are manufactured here in the US and the rest come from Europe. Unfortunately due to the proprietary nature of these components, I can not give you any specifics. Thanks again.



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I may be beter able to satisfy your quest.


Optimum uses the most efficient, and technologiacly advanced abrasives available on the market, just like Rolls Royce stated HP figures before the change of ownership, adequate. Thats all the info there customers needed to be satisfied. I gave up a while a go asking why and how, all I need to know is that they are the most profitable compounds I have ever used, and as a plus they keep improving.

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