Driven Auto Detail: 2006 Grand Prix GXP

Guest Driven Auto Detail

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Guest Driven Auto Detail

I met this client at our last Chamber of Commerce luncheon. It's an '06 Grand Prix GXP. It was in pretty good condition overall but had never been detailed to my knowledge. Pretty simple job nonetheless.



Pressure-rinse entire vehicle.

Pre-treat door shuts, wheel wells, and front end with APC.

Clean tires, wheels, and wells with Optimum Power Clean (3:1) and various brushes.

Wash body of vehicle with 2 oz. Optimum Car Wash, 1 oz. Optimum Power Clean, and 1 oz. ONR.

Pressure-rinse entire vehicle.

Treat tires with Optimum Tire Shine. OTS is left to dwell on the tires the entire duration of the detail to allow dressing to absorb into the rubber. There's virtually no excess to wipe off when I'm finished.



Clay all painted surfaces with Clay Magic blue clay and ONR.

Polish with PC, speed 5, LC White 5.5" polishing pad, and Optimum Poli-Seal.

Seal paint with DP Surface Shield Protectant. I used this to clear out some old stock, but actually came away from it really impressed. The shine was terrific and the slickness was very good.




Vacuum carpets, mats, seat crevices, etc.

Clean all plastic, vinyl, and leather with a combination of steam and Woolite & water (6:1).

Shampoo carpets and mats with Bio-Kleen Traffic Lane Cleaner (4:1).

Treat all plastic, vinyl, and leather with Optimum Protectant Plus.

Clean all glass inside and out with ONR.
















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Guest Driven Auto Detail

Thanks Ron. I sure hope so.


I add ONR to my regular wash solution to help combat the ridiculously hard water we have here and add some lubricity. Seems to work well so I keep doing it :) .

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The car looks great! Look at all the air vents on the passenger side, kind of weird.

Hopefully this gets you some referrals, I dont see why not.

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Guest Driven Auto Detail

Thanks Shawn. Yeah, all those air vents added a little more time to the :) Thanks again!

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