bought bunch of optimum Prodcuts


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Hi guys,

So i just ended up placing an order for

1617 Optimum Protectant (Leather/Vinyl/Rubber) (128oz)

1616 Optimum Power Clean™ All Purpose Cleaner (128oz)

1611 Optimum Opti-Bond Tire Gel (128oz)

1610 Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine (128oz)


I Already use ONR, optimum wax and opti seal. and i thought i move to optimum all together:)


So im sorry for my stupid questions but im just curious. I understand i need to dilute powerclean with 1:3 when cleanning wheels, tires etc, and 1:10 when cleaning Leather seats, dash, door etc. So do you just spray and wipe? or are you suppose to let it sit for few mins and buff?


Also for optimum protectant, im planning on using it for the dash, and leather, as well as my matts. Do i just put it on a micro fiber tower and apply and let it dry? Do i need to buff it off after some time? or do i buff it off right away? I tried searching but can't find any info, the link to FAQ about this product seems to be broken.


I will be applying Opti bond by hand, so prob going to use a dirty terry towell.. Is that a good idea?


thanks, and sorry for asking these stupid questions,its 1 in the morning and im off to sleep.....

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He is talking about using the dirty terry towel with 1611 Optimum Opti-Bond Tire Gel.


We've found that it's best if you spray a light mist of Opti-Bond Tire Gel directly on the tires. Let it dwell for a short period of time and then go over it with either a terry cloth towel or tire sponge to even it out. One other thing to remember, you will not need to re-apply this stuff every time you wash your vehicle. Doing so will cause a gunky buildup that will make it more difficult to clean off your tires. Opti-Bond is a great product that lasts alot longer than any other tire dressing we've ever seen. So for the next few washes after applying, check your tires before giving them the full treatment. You may only need to hit them with a little ONR to make 'em look pretty again!

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