Will P21S Paint Cleanser help with this?

Joe V

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Hello all, I was hoping to get some expert opinions with this question. TX is an area that may have this problem.


The paint on my car (and some that I work on) very quickly accumulates dirt particles that stick in the paint. I have a dark blue German car and live in AZ where the sun can be pretty intense. No matter how much I keep my car garaged and clean and waxed, it seems that the dirt around here just embeds itself in the paint. Claying removes this dirt, but I don't want to clay all the time. If I wax over the embedded dirt, the paint looks good but the particles can be lightly seen while removing wax.


I think the issue has to do with soft paint that gets hot in the sun, allowing dirt to imbed. Maybe it's also the paint formula and the pH of the dirt. I've worked on some lighter Toyotas that don't have this issue and they aren't washed nearly as often. When I remove the dirt with clay, the clay bar reveals a reddish-brown substance, which I believe is good old AZ volcanic dirt.


Anyway, will a paint cleanser like P21s help remove this dirt so I don't have to clay all the time? P21s claims that it may do this. I don't mind getting some and trying it but I wanted to get some opinions before I do. Or other ideas? Anyone work on cars like this?




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Hello JoeV,


Does this happen only under certain circumstances, say if under a tree? Or does it happen no matter where the car is parked or stored?


Let us know. Pics would be nice if possible...also is this for all cars in your area or just certain vehicles?

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This happens no matter where the car is parked or stored. I can perform a complete detail and have the paint perfectly smooth with multiple coats of any type of wax, and just with occasional driving, leaving the car parked in a garage during the day, it still happens over time. With more time, the worse it gets. This is the reason I'm thinking it may have something to do with a chemical interaction between the paint and the dirt (usually dusty around here so dirt is always around).


Some cars have no problem with this, they tend to be a lighter color such as a silver (a couple examples makes are Ford and Toyota). I've had other cars that are worse, maybe not as bad as mine, but where the dirt sticks in rather quickly and only claying will remove it.


I could try to get a picture, however it would difficult to capture this. The paint looks great in photos, it's more of a rough feel and it shows up during waxing (I could try to photograph it with wax on it...).


Thanks for your thoughts!


p.s. The other major problem we have up here is pine tree sap. We are in the middle of a huge pine forest. Luckily this one is manageable - isopropyl alcohol dissolves the sap very quickly.

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