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I do not know about you folks, but, I'm going to finish using all of my detailing products and switch everything to Optimum products. That is, if there is an Optimum product, I will finish using what I have and order the Optimum version of the same product.


All of the Optimum products that I currently have, they are very easy to use and save a great deal of time vs. the other detailing products. ONR, SNAP!! lol I do not have to waste water and am able to save some good washing time. The product makes the exterior feel nice and smooth. Of course, I have to use my HPW maching to clean under the wheel wells, tires and some other small items.


Another great thing they offer is the Opti-Seal. I have done several vehicles, from 2008 to 2010, doing an ONR, Clay if needed (Optimum does not offer a clay bar), DP Max Wax (Optimum does not offer a Carnauba Wax) and finish the vehicles paint with the Opti-Seal. To me, by detailing the exterior in THAT ORDER runs very well, sleek and smooth. It holds up on a vehicle for a good amount of time. I have been using it on my 2008 Mazda 3s GT. I do not have a chance to clean my own car very often. Friday morning, I did an ONR on it and the paint still feels nice and smooth.


Here are some pictures of vehicles I've done on this Opti-Seal basis:
















Another one that is missing is a 2008 Ford Shelby GT 500KR. I'm upset about that one since I did not have my digital camera with me since he called me at a moments notice.


Of course, I have a few other Optimum products, but I will not add more to the story. LOL All I will say is that I have the new Optimum Hyper Polish Spray that I have a vehicle, or two, that I will detail by the ONR, Clay, HYPER POLISH SPRAY and finish it with the Opti-Seal.


Prestige Auto Detailing

Stephen Hollon, Jr

Deep South Texas - Harlingen, TX

(956) 357-1032 - Cell/Text



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I also mainly use Optimum products in my detailing business. You can't go wrong with any of the Optimum stuff.



truly agrees

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