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Over the weekend I was able to do an ONR wash, clay, and then put on 2 coats of Opti-Seal. I have a red Silverado Crew Cab truck with a lot of black cladding which can be a bear to detail but using Opt-Seal it was a breeze. I used it over everything but the tires. I was very skeptical about using it over the black cladding; I figured it would turn it gray like most wax products but that was not the case at all. I've used z5, z2, z8, DG 105 with Aqua Wash, and Nattys Blue on this vehicle and the gloss and shine is equal to or better than these other products. If I can get close to the same durability as using z or DG then I will be one happy customer. The only negative I have about this product is I hate you are going on faith that you are doing anything at all. Other than occasionally seeing some dark spots where it's flashing off you really have no idea as to what applicator passes you're making.


I also purchased the OCW and the OID but have not used these yet. My goal is use to use these products as a booster. I'm really hoping to get 4 months of durability with this process. If this works out then the bottle of Opti-Seal may last me a lifetime.


Last weekend I used the Optimum Leather protectant when I detailed my wife’s car. It was easy to apply and looked great afterwards. The thing I was most pleased with was the seats did not have the greasy look or feel to them (I'd been using 303 previously).

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Really debated about putting these up. It was dark when I got home so these did not turn out to well. Hopefully everybody will get the idea of the gloss level and how well the cladding turned out.




Refection shot



No other protectant was applied prior to or after Opti-Seal. Wiper and trim both have a nice gloss. These items can be a pain to protect or hit with other types of products


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You're gonna love it. Opti-Seal is an excellent product!!!


Man every time I use another OPT product the more and more I really love them and the more I get hooked. Used it today and it spreads so thin and easy. I thought I had some heavy spots but they disappeared, this was on the glass. Freaky looked amazing and it barley took any product. I can't wait to start using this on customers cars along with more of my friends and family for testing :) I need to buy stock in this company!

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