Yay! I recieved my OPT Metal Polish today!

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First I would like to thank Dr. G for bring us great products and the ability to win these products and try them out. That really shows you stand behind your products and are confident once someone uses them they will want to buy more. And let me tell you, I got a sample of OCW from AG, and boy I can't wait to get more! And the Opti-bond tire gel is out of this world! Thanks also to Chris for using his time to put all of this together and make it happen! As if detailing doesn't keep you busy enough you make time to answer questions and help setup the giveaways.


Anywho, I received my Metal polish today, it was packaged well inside bubble wrap. Always sucks to get your products and have them damaged so good packaging is something I look for when purchasing online. Now I need to find something to polish! It's 9pm, just got home after a long day, haha this truck I detailed was pretty long and since I was out of OCW took forever to wax this GMC 2500 long beg quad cab. :( Maybe I'll go try it on the sink! Again thanks OPT for letting me try out this metal polish, and I'll be comparing it to my regular go to products when I find something to review!

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