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First thanks again Dr.G/OPT and Chris for allowing forum members to have a chance to win the products to test them out! I received my OPT Metal Polish which was packaged excellent which is important to me when dealing with internet purchases. Nothing worse then paying for something that you usually need right then and receiving damaged.


Vehicle Used. 2005 Dodge SRT-4

Products used: OPT Metal Polish vs Meguiar's NXT Metal Polish


Product Description: HERE!

Optimum Metal Polish is the most effective and easy to use metal polish you will ever use! It can be used to remove oxidation, scratches, and swirl marks from all metal surfaces leaving a mirror shine. Optimum Metal Polish also leaves a protective coating to protect metal surfaces from oxidation.


Optimum Metal Polish can be used by hand or with buffing machines on any metal surface. The sub-micron polishing agents and chemical cleaners work quickly to remove oxidation, scratches, and swirl marks quickly to create a flawless mirror shine.


Method of application for both products compared. By hand, with 100% cotton terry cloth towel.

Prep: None, wanted to see if either product would induce scratches being super dirty. Nether product seemed to scratch even without being washed prior to using the polish.


Before Driver side. The side I'm using to try OPT Metal Polish



After Driver side.



Before Passenger side. The side I'm using to try Meguiar's NXT Metal Polish



After Passenger side.



Intake with water spots that have baked for about 2 months.



One pass over the Right hand side with OPT and the left with Meguiar's to try and remove water spots



Initial comparison between the 2. Both products used did a great job, but there were some differences that are easily noticeable. First the OPT cleans faster, and what I mean by that was going over the carbon build up you could see it coming off as soon as your rag went over the section with just one pass. Next biggest thing I noticed was the wipe on wipe off factor. OPT wins bigtime in this section, it was truly a WOWO product while the Meguiars took a little effort to wipe it off. Shine differences I couldn't notice between the 2, both did a good job. Next was amount of product used to cover an area, OPT seemed to have a slight advantage here. As far as water spot removal OPT removed more from my intake with one pass, but nether completely removed the water spots with just one pass. I'll add to this review soon, attempting rims, and Flitz Metal polish to compare. But as far as this test, OPT metal polish won my heart with just the easy of use with just one application even though I got the same results as far as I could tell with the shine. Anything that makes my details easier, saves me time and money :) Cons with OPT Metal Polish....None at this moment....More testing to come!

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Thanks for taking the time to share your results. Did further coats fully remove the water spots ? Looking foward to your updates.

Yes on the second application of OPT metal polish it did remove the rest of them, after 5 passes with the Meg's there was one must of been super hard spot that wouldn't come out, tried the OPT took it out but still took 2 tries, but atleast it removed it :) This was all done by hand, I'll throw in some machines in some upcoming testing :)

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I just realized how much I like comparisons! That was a good idea. If you had used #0000 steel or brass wool, they would have probably come off in one pass...but 2.0 is in the works and promises faster results with only a towel. Look for it in 2011!


Faster? Wow is all I'm going to say about that comment. Although I did run across rims today that were about 8 years old, and the owner had never even washed them. Needless to say they were pitted something fierce. I put some OPT metal polish on just to see what would happen after applying APC full strength on chrome rims which is a no no. With just the APC it didn't even budge the buildup with a cotton towel. I put the metal polish on my drill with a polishing tool made one pass and it atleast started to bring back the was horrible. I can post pics but they were taken with my Iphone :( Ill see if I can get them up.

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