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I have a 2012 VW Jetta. Paint is in good shape with almost no swirls. I would like to apply OC2 to my car, but do not know what products to apply first and/or after. I have purchased:


1. ONR

2. OPS

3. Optimum GPS

4. OC2


Anyone have any suggestions or additional products I need to order? I would like to know if I could apply GPS on paint that really needs little correction and before I apply OC2. Afterwards, can I apply OPS?


Forum comments suggest getting the best shine before OC2. Will GPS with a DA do this or do I need another product? I wish there was a product guide as to what could be applied in what order. Any suggestions?


Thanks for your help.



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Welcome to the forum.


I am guessing OPS is Opiseal. My understanding is Opticoat needs to bond to bare paint. GPS will leave some protection which would interfere with the bonding the the coating. Chris Thomas has said Optiseal can be applied on top of Opticoat without any problems. Someone with greater knowledge than me may be able to say what would happen if you used GPS & Optiseal after the coating

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