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Once I open my shop I will be applying Opti-bond with a spray gun. Anyone using this? If so is the pattern adjustable? And does it leak seeing you screw the thing to a 32 ounce bottle. Is it awkward having that big of a bottle at the bottom of the sprayer when trying to dress the bottoms of the tires? Thanks for any info!

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Not to hijack this but Chris tell me more about using the gun for OCW. What is your technique for that?

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Interesting- I've never heard of applying the Opti-Bond tire gel with a spray gun. I do find it a bit difficult to wipe onto tires that have vertical ridges due to the individual ridges pulling and holding product and not allowing it to spread evenly across the tire. I may purchase the gun now just to avoid this. I love the Opti-bond but have resorted back to HyperDressing due to to the application (or overapplication) flaws caused by the inability to spread evenly. I think now, I should just buy the spray gun and try this.


Chris- you mentioned you were mixing this @ 1:1- anyone else doing anything diffrently? What's the finish like at 1:1?

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