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Billy Jack

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Hello all and Happy Holidays!

I've been lurking here a bit and decided to join up. Never heard of Optimum products before, but with winter approaching I decide to try ONR based on recommendations from the AutoGeek forum. To say I was impressed with ONR is a gross understatement! I may never go back to conventional washing again, unless I get a serious mudbath on one of my cars.

What impresses me the most about this forum are posts I've seen coming directly from Dr.G. Where else can you find the person who developed and perfected the product explaining its benefits to a consumer? There will definitely be more Optimum products finding their way to my shelves once I learn a bit more.



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Welcome Billy :) Onr is a great product and has replaced 95% of the customer washes I do, and like you I found it awesome that the guy that makes the products is sharing his knowledge openly with anyone with a question, that's truly rare these days! We are happy to have you aboard and I'm sure the more you learn and use Opt products I haven't been disappointed yet :)

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