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I'd like to share my latest experience using Hyper Compound with the forum. I'll start off by saying I usually don't take pictures of my jobs and this one is no exception. Sorry guys, no before and afters. The owner just wanted a good cleanup and waxing with the intentions of a complete re-spray in the summer.


The vehicle: A dark blue metallic, Ford 3500 4door dually with 200,000+ construction work truck miles, in all it's glory. After a thorough wash and clay barring you can imagine what the finish looked like. Very used and abused. Of course, this was a budget job as well.


I usually perform multi - stage correction work even when the customer only wants a "good wax job" because of my own OCD'ness. Being a weekend warrior, I'm usually not worried about spending a little extra time on a job. Due to the shear size and time constraints with the Ford, I wanted to see what I could "get away with" using Hyper Compound and a PFW pad on my Flex. I was completely blown away with the amount of correction achieved with an acceptable; in this case LSP ready finish, requiring minimal buffing time per panel.

Out of guilt, I stepped down with Poli-Seal/Polish ll combo on a white pad. Topped it all with OCW. A little Metal Polish for the bumpers, Opti-Bond for the tires and out the door it went. A very satisfied customer indeed! "Not going to paint it now" were his words.


Who would have thought Hyper Compound as a 1 stepper???


Conclusion: One old happy rag pusher that took on a behemoth and won, in less than 8hrs. Thanks to Optimum!


P.S. I was able to get out of bed the next morning too! :thumbsupup[1]:

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Man I really wanna try this out for myself! I'm still slowly going through a gallon of power gloss and since it's winter and I just moved to a new city works been alittle slower then I'm used to, needless to say I don't have money to experiment right now but once I run out I'll be buying a gallon I'm sure :)

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This was a project that I have the final results under Hyper Compound and 2.0. So this link takes you to the beginning with Hyper Compound. The person that you see in the video had never used a polisher before and using Hyper Compound he coundlnt believe the results. This is a before where I did a small section. GREAT PRODUCT!!!

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