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With winter weather here, I like to presoak heavy salt and road grime areas before washing. Would power clean work in this area or will it remove wax? Im thinking it will even if I dilute it a lot.


Why not use OOC (Optimum Opti-Clean)? I use it in a pressure sprayer 3:1 for the salty rocker panels before doing a ONR wash.


BTW,maybe Chris will chime in on your OP?

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I experienced the streaking , the HARD way. And I know now that it was not the water :) I presoaked with OPC even ONR with a little OPC and could not quite understand the streakings , I assumed that I washed off OPC with the ONR but was only "polluting" my ONR bucket. What is recomended to remove all OPC , pressure washer ? And are there any good technical explanations why it does this, and what remendies to use .

Depending on the drying time I only been able to remove the streaks on glass by Waterspot remover or a abrassive polish, by hand or DA.

It would be nice to know what the streaks are from to best choose the remedy.


All in all its one of the best products , but its gold to know it 100% :)

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