Am I overdoing it with ONR?

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Hello everyone,


I have a 2010 Black Acura TSX, and am a newbie when it comes to caring for cars. I washed my car for the very first time (with ONR) about 3 weeks ago and I was completely satisfied with the product. However, rather than what is suggested, I wanted to make absolute sure that I did not scratch my car's paint. This is what I did:


1. Sheet Area with water

2. Prepare paint surface by spraying ONR solution with a garden sprayer, and letting it sit for about 5 minutes.

3. Wash with my Cobra microfiber sponge using ONR

4. Sheet area again with water

5. Dry with a cobra waffleweave micofiber towel.


Am I doing too much?


In addition, I tend to use a little bit more than instructed for everything. I used about 3 capfuls of ONR. Will this damage the car?


I live in San Francisco so the weather is not too bad. My car is not garaged but it is never SUPER dirty.


Thanks guys,




PS. I used Optiseal on my car last week. I loved it.

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The true joy of ONR is that you need only a bucketful of water to do a great job. If you're also dragging out a hose, you might as well use a conventional wash product. I've done a pre-rinse with a pressure washer on a car coated with winter road salt, but otherwise, just ONR and a dry car. I've used both a soft grout sponge and a MF cloth and I'm still undecided which I like best. If you want to go the extra mile, use a two bucket method, rinsing the dirt from your cloth or sponge after every panel. I suppose there's no harm in a stronger concentration, but if Dr. G. says 1 oz./ 2 gal., that's good enough for me. Visit a dollar store and buy a set or two of measuring cups, so you can attach a proper measure to each different wash product you use. I replaced the cap on my ONR jug with a pump, so that my gallon jug never leaves the shelf. Also. I have a dedicated bucket for ONR with its own grit guard, so that nothing gets contaminated with any other soaps. My bucket is marked with a stripe at the two gallon level so that my mix is always correct.

I'm not an expert, just a well-satisfied ONR user, so my advice is not gospel. It's just what works well for me.



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I seem to agree with Bill. ONR works fine for its intended application. I only drag out the hose for really dirty cars and then use Optimum Car Wash Concentrate. I am guilty of adding my ONR at a little stronger ratio then instructed but I'm old fashioned and if a little works good then a little more is ..... but thats just the way I am.

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