Opti-coat 2.0 for me?


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Just did my spring stock up order and had Opti-coat in my cart but took it out at the last minute. I'm a little anxious about trying it though it sounds like a great product and have had wonderful luck with all the OPT products I've tried.


I've been detailing my cars since about 2007. I got a PC DA about that time and have been using ONR and other OPT products since I think Dec 2008. I've polished my cars about 5 times total (always with Prima products before).


I have two cars that I take care of:

2007 Acura MDX in nimbus gray that is pretty good shape, I've always used good detailing methods and never had it washed at the dealer.


2010 Lexus IS350C in ultrasonic blue Mica. I've always used nothing but OPT products on it but it had a pretty good start of dealer installed swirls on it.


So my question is, is Opti-coat for me?




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Hey Tony,

I'd say if you're a guy that likes to tinker with new products, techniques, etc. Then No. But if you want to seal in your beauty, then yes.


I'm using the pro version. I put it on my own car so I could speak for what I preach to my clients. I'm very happy with the results. Tonight I did a quick ONR wash, then a squirt of OCW...it looks great.


I'm a weekend warrior, I have 12 people signed up for this application this spring, and as word spreads I know I'll get even more.


At home, I'm going to polish my sinks, and try a coat of Opti-Coat.


My $.02 from a believer in Opti-Coat.

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