Not happy with first go with Hyperpolish


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Well, had a bit of time and energy (rare to have both at the same time these days) and decided to go at the trunk lid of the Lexus. Got my PC, a 5.5 inch LC Tang, and OPT Hyperpolish and went to work. Clayed with ONR and Pinnacle Poly first.


Was thinking of doing Opticoat but...


Looked good at first look but when the sun popped fully out from behind the clouds I could see the dread spiderwebs. They weren't bad, but they were there so I didn't want to lock them in.


Don't want to be too aggressive but I'm thinking about going to my cyan pad.


So, what information do I need to give you to help me not muck this up too badly.



Also, was suprised by the Hyperpolish. Was expecting something more liquid than the hand cream consistency steam that sprayed out across the length of my car

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