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I apologize for the long delay in getting this review up. I won a bottle each of Tire Shine and Opti Bond a while back, and finally got a chance to use them. Please note that I washed my car last weekend and didn't get to apply them until today (so the tires were a bit dirty). Also, my camera was of course having issues and I was only able to salvage a couple of decent photos.


First photo is a before shot (this is how all 4 tires looked), second photo is 50/50 (Tire Shine on left, Opti Bond on right) and 3rd shot is Opti Bond.



I found them to look very similar, with the Opti Bond being a bit shinier (sorry that the 50/50 is so bad). The application was very similar as well. For the Tire Shine, I actually sprayed it onto a small, round foam pad, rather than directly onto the tire (I find spraying it on to tire too messy). I applied the Bond the same way. After I finished all 4 tires I went back and gently wiped with an old MF towel. Then I took the photos.


I'll try to take some better shots and upload them soon.








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It's hard to tell much from those photos so how did you like them? Liquid vs. Gel? Will you be buying either or both in the future? Did you try the Optibond diluted? how many coats did you apply (I like the way two coats sprayed on looks)? Thanks for posting.



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Yeah, sorry about the bad pics. I will try and redo everything this weekend (if it ever stops raining). I really have no preference of liquid vs. gel, but I definitely prefer using an applicator to apply the product rather than spraying directly on tire (I get too much over-spray when I do that). Both products, applied via a sponge applicator, went on smooth and evenly. I did not try the optibond diluted. I only did one coat. I would have no problem using either product in the future, but would probably go with the opti bond as I prefer to just use an applicator rather than spray.


Again, if it ever stops raining I'll do a better test with better pictures.


Thanks again.

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