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Howdy all, just wanted to do a quick review on the New Optimum formula of Compounds and Polishes using a Flex D/A and PCXP seeing there is already a great review using a rotary. Seen here


Also wanted to do some side by side comparisons to some of my favorite products to see how these new formulas compared to some other popular products. In southeast Texas heat and humidity a lot of products run a little finicky versus lab testing, and as Chris already stated these products work in high heat, but not direct sunlight. Test subject Black Dodge Ram 2500, and all products were used to the end of the buffing cycle.


Products Used: Machines Used:

OPT New formula Compound II Flex 3401 D/A

OPT New formula Polish II Porter Cable PCXP

OPT New formula Finish Polish

Meg’s 105

Meg’s 205

Meg’s D300

Menzerna PO85RD

Griots Garage Pre Wax Cleaner

5.5” LC Orange, White, Black flats

5.5” Meg’s MFDA Cutting pad


First up was Meg’s 105 vs OPT Compound II on Flex via lc orange flat






Thoughts: Speed of defect removal goes to meg’s, Dusting goes to OPT with none, Buffing cycle is really long with OPT and Clarity/Finishing down ability goes to OPT as well barely which is saying a lot seeing 105 is a great product, ease of removal goes to OPT but further thoughts later in review.


Next up was PXCP, Meg’s D300 via MFDA cutting disc speed 4 with finishing passes with lightened pressure vs OPT Compound II on LC orange flat speed 6 finished down on 4





Thoughts: Speed of defect removal goes to OPT, Dusting none with each product, Buffing cycle was really long with both but still longer with OPT, Clarity/Finishing down ability goes to OPT but to give credit to the Meg’s MFDA is a system made to be followed up with their finishing polish which would’ve easily removed the slight haze, ease of removal surprisingly goes to OPT but further thoughts later.


Next up which was the real shocker to me was Flex D/A, Meg’s 205 via LC white vs OPT Polish II via LC White both speed 6 finished down on 4






Thoughts: Still shocked me to see the results of this severely defected paint being corrected the way it did with a polish and not a compound! Speed of defect removal about equal along with cut being about equal, Dusting none with either, Buffing cycle so long but OPT still had a longer one, Consistency is about the same as well, Clarity/Finishing down ability about the same using halogens and LED’s, both are great products and on this paint system I wouldn’t say either performed better than the other, ease of removal about the same.


Next up was Flex D/A, Menzerna PO85rd via LC black vs OPT Finish Polish via LC black, speed 6 slowed to 4 to finish out





Thoughts: Speed of defect removal goes Menzerna PO85rd along with cut, Dusting none with either, Buffing cycle is crazy long with both so a tossup, Clarity/Finishing down ability about the same but the PO85rd removed more defects but on a surface with no swirls both added a little pop to the Flake. Both of these products are great but if you’re looking for more defect removal the PO85rd on this paint system gives better results, ease of removal goes to OPT as there’s a ton of oils in 85RD.


Overall Final thoughts: Man Optimum/Dr.G really hit it out of the park with his new Compound II, if you’re looking for a new compound I’d say beyond a doubt give it a try and you won’t be disappointed. But here’s my further thoughts with this new compound, ease of removal, if you follow the directions and remove the product as soon as your done buffing it will be one of the easiest things you’ve ever removed off your paint, but wait 10-15 minutes and it’s a real challenge to get it off your paint with a dry MF, with a wet MF it comes right off but still needs to be noted as this was the only drawback I could find with this product. If you like to stick with one brand of products you won’t be disappointed with any of these new products but to be honest 90% of the vehicles on the road will only need the compound and polish with only real finicky paints needing the Finish Polish. Thanks for looking and questions/feedback welcome!

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wow, maybe i should ditch the m105/205 for the optimum compound + polish


great write up!

105/205 has been a long time favorite of mine and I always thought 105 finished down nice on most paint systems and probably never would've thought differently until I saw a side by side comparison, the opt compound on this dodge finished down so optically clear it was truly amazing, and I wouldn't hesitate if your a pro to get a gallon of it :) no matter what I'd say atleast get a small sample size and give it a go you won't be disappointed!

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