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I have posted this on a few forums already.


This came up on another forum, but who here uses their at 3000RPM? Yes that is RPM. I'll admit that I am not a pro but I just wanted to know if any pro's out there use their rotary at 3000RPM for polishing.


Thanks in advance.


If not what would you say is a good range?

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3000 rpms ? Maybe when wetsanding and leveling out an early make Chevy finished in an enamel but not on todays clear coats....I find no reason to do so.


I have read that paint manufacturers recommend a speed of no more than 1700 rpm's...personally I rarely go over 1500.


Todays paints are thinner and they are placed over thinner metals, aluminum and/or carbon fiber and the clear coat itself is basically a plastic film....a very thin film at that, so too much heat in one general location can and will spell disaster. You may not see the damage right away but it's done and will reveal itself down the road.



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