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Hey guys, I started detailing on the side after I got my GG DA last year when people saw the work i did on my families cars. Most of the jobs i get are people wanting a one step on their daily driver, the only bad thing is that most people around here drive trucks or SUVsyikes.gif. I mainly use Poli-Seal or Hyper Spray Polish if they want Opti-Coat. While I get great results with my DA and MF pads, I'm been thinking about getting a rotary or flex 3401 to speed up the process.


I was leaning toward either a Makita or the new Dewalt DWP849X rotary for their speed and price(plus it will be nice to have when I come across super hard clearsrighton.gif) but was concerned about finishing down in one step with one. It was suggested I try the Flex 3401 but with my budget I would have to find a used one at a good price or sell my GG DA to get one.


I've done a lot of research on using a rotary and know the dangers involved(paint burn thru, holograms, etc.) and have my old work truck and some junk panels to practice on before using it on a customers vehicle.


Those that have a flex how much faster does it correct compared to a DA?


So what's ya'lls opinion, should I get a rotary or try to locate a used Flex?


Thanks, Daniel

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Thanks guys, I was leaning toward a rotary b/c I already have the GG DA but was just worried about finishing with it b/c most people around here just want a one step correction. Do Poli-Seal (or GPS) and Hyper Polish finish down good with a rotary? Also would ya'll suggest the MF pads or foam pads for a new rotary user.

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Well I came across a deal I couldn't pass up and this arrived today !!




Also came with the 3, 5, and 6 inch OPT backing plates.

Can't wait to try it out, hopefully I'll get to test it on my work truck tomorrow. Half the clearcoat is gone off the hood and fender so I'm not too worried about burning the paint on it.


Gonna start out with 5" MF polishing pad with GPS and see what that does.

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