Optimum Car Wax my preferred LSP


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Been a customer of Seech(Malaysia OPT Distributor) for nearly a year. Got a gallon from him a few months ago. NO OPTI COAT. NO OPTI SEAL. Just plain OCW! biggrin.gif


My personal review:

Fast(less than 30 mins), Easy(1 MF will do BUT make sure work surface is VERY CLEAN) & Convenient(no buffing) but over application will cause hazing & requires ONR QD for a fix. A little goes a long way and avoid warm surfaces if possible during application(thanks Seech for teaching me how to spray the OCW to avoid over app). For slickness, dirt/sand is harder to stick at the lower parts of the doors during rain fall. Durability wise, I can't really tell cause I wax it so often(almost every week)! But based on Seech's tests for a daily driver is 1 month in Malaysia's tropical climate. Best of all, it doesn't stain plastics. I use them for ALL my exterior surfaces! Steel wiper, rubber(except wiper blade), all plastics, headlamps(plastic)...etc. It doesn't haze glass but since I use Rain-X on my glass so I use it on everything except glass.








Just 2 pics as I wish to keep a low profile.



No water spots! 95% defect free on paint as I'm a daily driver and weekly wash(typical 2 bucket method+GG Inserts using Brand X shampoo spiked with ONR for extra lube).


Tip: Optimum Instant Detailer will boost the gloss/slickness of OCW. Tested & proven.

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